400 Songs In 2015

by Kevin Seconds



released 12 January 2015



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Automatic Firepower (January 1, 2015)
long before the year was over
they were popping off those rounds
automatic firepower
over all the other sounds

while her and i were hunkered down
with all our fuzzy kids
and waiting for the silence
so our new year could begin

Oak Park was rockin’ steady
as we sat just north of it
felt secure inside our fortress
i felt jealous, i admit

(harmonica solo)
Track Name: North Oak Park Moments (January 2, 2015)
don’t you wanna see our neighbors naked
by the early morning light?
it’s quite a show
look at their kitchen window
man, they gotta know
the trouble that they’re starting

here they come again
like lusty, long lost friends
the fun just never ends
North Oak Park moments

I know you need your sleep but you should see this
they got tattoos everywhere
and i know that this is wrong
but they’re the ones who keep this party going
they’re the ones who started it

Track Name: One Thousand Miles Away (January 3, 2015)
don’t listen to what i’ve been sayin’
you’re better than me, i’m not playin’
no matter how hard i’ve been tryin’
it’s futile and there’s no denyin’
i’m here if you want a companion
i’ll shut up and never ask questions
tell me when i’ve caused you confusion
give warning when i’m an intrusion

i’ll these things sound good when i am
one thousand miles away
i think of nothing else when i am
one thousand miles away
Track Name: Wanting To Stop (January 4, 2015)
this is no good
for us
running in circles
wanting to stop
and to think
we did good
for so many years
through so many tears
and the part
we ignored
now has us scratching
our heads in confusion
you are my blood
in my heart
it’s gone on forever
let’s make things better

you’re always my brother…
Track Name: Manifesto (January 5, 2015)
i’m driven by the heights
i’ve failed to scale, at least today
limited by superficial blocks
that just stand in my way
and i swear to God
as sure as I am singing this old song
i will never call it quits
i’ll never ever play along

this is my promise
to myself, nobody else
my manifesto
is this another silly protest song?

(1st verse and chorus again)
Track Name: Thought Of A Joke (January 6, 2015)
Thought Of A Joke

scurry up to the table
there’s a question the group has for you
take a deep breath, make it simple
and make sure that you think this all through

this morning i woke up and thought of a joke
that i’ll tell you when you’ve got the time
you might think that it’s fun or just awkwardly dumb
last i checked, telling jokes ain’t a crime

i resent your accusation
in my opinion, you have got it all wrong
i benefit from years of wisdom
i’ve been breathing this air for so long

Track Name: So Hard Being Sorry (January 6, 2015)
first or best, there is a difference
walking the streets of Sacramento
looking for ghosts in every window
and slackin’ hippys on patios

what’s the point of it anyway?
that got fucked up quick, ok
this is the ballad of brave John Lisa
and if you were the one i never knew
you’d be the one who’s lonely too

it’s so hard, so hard being sorry
so hard, so hard being sorry

hipsters make me sick, sick sicky
they can suck my dick, dick, dicky
the dust along my window pane
brings memories of you again

if you hate the Ramones you will lose some friends
i fish alone between the stones
and no one knows where my line’s been thrown
but ocean water helps to soothe my bones
i tried to reach you on the telephone

Track Name: Relentless (January 7, 2015)

kick it away
you’re gonna regret it
a slap in the face
you better forget it

relentless, you’re not gonna die
aim higher, make your critics cry

face it alone
you’re starting to worry
it’s starting to fade
you better hurry

(chorus twice)
Track Name: Empathetic Kiss (January 8, 2015)
you’re making it simple again
you’re down for the cause
nobody’s doubting that
and you say that you’re done once again
it’s gone on too long
and now you wanna quit

never before
have you had peace in your life
it’s weird now
that you can finally breathe
never before
has anything quite worked out
lined up so perfectly

you’ve been all alone for too long
your defenses are up
and you’re fighting everyone
but you know that you can’t stay like this
let me help put out the fire
with an empathetic kiss

Track Name: Shine & Sparkle (January 9, 2015)
i say, heeeeeyyyyyy…..Ramona
you’re the one who helped me see the benefits
of walking in the rain

and i say, heeeeeyyyyyy…..Ramona
you always seem to shine and sparkle
even when the world seems ever gray

and everyone i knew would try and tell me
you weren’t good enough for me
and punk rock was the only thing in your heart
it would never set you free

but they were wrong, Ramona
so, this song, Ramona

i say, heeeeeyyyyyy…..Ramona
you’re the one friend brave enough to say to me
that i could make it through the pain

and i say, heeeeeyyyyyy…..Ramona
i’d like to sit besides you
figure out what ticks inside your lovely brain

Track Name: Get Back To Okay (January 10, 2015)
don’t tell me what to say
just tell me what to do
lead me by example
i’ll stand next to you
a matter of the heart
i’m taking things apart
i put ‘em back together
with a little glue

while giving all my best to you
ask nothing in return
so many years have past us by
when will i ever learn? (2x)

i’m gonna for a ride
i’m driving far away
get my head together
get back to okay
you know i still adore you
you know i always will
but i think i’ve hit my limit
think i’ve had my fill

Track Name: You Better Run (January 11, 2015)
last I heard
you were blowing up
groomed and at the starting gate again
no one was surprised
no body shocked or stunned
you’re finally on your feet
you better run

now you can eat it even if you hate it
smile at people you don’t even know

so here it is
you’re on your way
you’ll never lose
you’re finally here to stay
cuz you’ve defeated failure
you can enjoy the ride
you can’t be blamed
for everything you’ve tried

(chorus 2x)
Track Name: Anger On The Radio (January 12, 2015) (with Allyson Seconds)
pack up your things
it’s time to take a ride
don’t bother calling anyone
we’re good to go
we have everything we need
i gotta get back on the run

let’s take our time
and listen to the music
or find some anger on the radio (2x)

so, here we go
we make up every play
a team without a coach, without a captain
no place to be
but a universe to see
let’s take off now and make it happen

Track Name: The War (January 13, 2015)
you wanted a friend
you wanted to love
you burned every bridge
when push came to shove
you’ve done it before
and you’ll do it again
abuse everyone
and hope they understand

and every day
you die a little more
it’s peacetime
but you’re still fighting the war

(first verse again)
Track Name: Sick Of Your Face (January 13, 2015)
shut up and sleep
just leave it alone
give it a rest
and get off the phone

sick of your voice
and i’m done for today
sick of your presence
and sick of your face

it’s not that i
don’t think you’re a friend
awake, in the zone
and i need it to end

Track Name: Barely Human (January 13, 2015)
i’d rather be doing
what i like to do
then doing the things
that are best just for you
like killing and hurting
and being afraid
your fear is what drives you
it’s how you were made

you’re barely human
you have no heart
no rhyme or reason
right from the start

(first verse again)
Track Name: Your Face Is A Wonderful Code (January 14, 2015)
it’s way too early in Jersey
but it’s still a little late out west
while sheep pile into their trains
i had a dream that i couldn’t sleep

(they say that) death becomes you
unlike me and my ink-scarred skin
i’m scared of the ghosts at 3am
and kicking it in Skeeno

your face is a wonderful code
your uniform is a shroud of shame
and people are so hard to please
in the corners of my broken mind

we are the ones we’ve been waiting for
still learning the ways of the world
and society’s teats needs some new implants
everyone’s at fault, no one’s to blame

stop trying, start lying
imbibe the sin and hate the sinner
“what’s the deuce” explained the man
why can’t you be like my old man?


i’m made of math and sparks and gas
the world’s pain bearing on my mind
i stood up, chose my knife, i’m tough
the right one from the wrong side of town

the weeds squeeze through the patio cracks
why are you doing this while i’m at work?
i was a good man now i’m crud
hazmat crews clean up my mess!

Track Name: Hello There, Morning Voice (January 15, 2015)
a reason to wake up today
i didn’t sleep good, i’m afraid
i’ll roll with whatever you give me
in the bed that we have made
a promise to finish it up
and make whatever i can make
i’ll sing just as long as you don’t take
my microphone away

hello there, morning voice
i’m happy that you made it
hello there, morning voice

confusion on what we should do
but no one’s here to answer to
it wasn’t too clear when we started
this thing we love so true
the man for the job isn’t here
i’ll be second string if you need me
and sing like a bird when you feed me
and then i’ll fly away

Track Name: Gib Knowledge - Gib Knowledge (January 16, 2015)
(sung in Gibberish):

MC HalfaClue Tang:

so, sho
jickaputawjaa aabinshpann
ditsu MUTHAFUCKIN bhedtraaph
wodjabawjd deechebahdecheebin
satcheepew tchachiepojuddypen
aahsochbaa andpopojeg
aahkitchypitchy jhapbeh aahchupiejeh
ehbethyjetchybetch-woo straightvoot
iyoobasabba hooshen dhubawtendahtoo
eveenaledhizen fraunzeedabahnchad
cheppakeedjeh buhdattoomuhmhaaa
buhbotajhopad bejetepphu pozaapparuh
yoopota youpopapahdeedhey

Mo Trav:

jojoochow bhuttadoobeedoh CREW!
geejoobedoh cheechaboo taocheez
uhbuuto unoobuhtoe now
ghuboobydeh fboobedehchu DEAD MEAT!
beepachuken bedhepawpentwee
jhodrawppiedomo djedjemopow
geeteppicotopah MUTHAFUCKA NEED TO
youeentaveeni bawbeedybangchu
chichibarbetcha deboletchubew
A BAD MUTHFUCKA eetahbhomatoe


eepahdidguhdoo sooshupetcheah
shipchewbekay unhwoontakoo
muntafughit tobeechudopheh
prrechobrayket tobreak GO ‘HEAD!
shehfohey togokeetta ehay
FUCK THAT doebrenz
fhatseedehbotchokken betchakendo
whoodoobejeekle oohahhoshubin
shippahchunzwin zwhooopeedegun we
henkomaddaguun demuggphugekeglebut
tamepay! joowakeyjobey!
chenkobojenk ohbuutchedahnoo
jakodobannah newbackajawoo
hoopatakgen takeemay takeahdeepyday
yeahtocoy nyuhdahmgoochispeg DAMN!
CHOH toobhkchodown
itchcwatutold buutcheechow


Track Name: Right On, Bryan Swirsky (January 17, 2015)
right on, Bryan Swirsky
you played and you weren’t wrong
well done, Bryan Swirsky
for you i write this song

you figured out the records i once owned
i taped them to the wall of my mom’s home
i’d listen to them when i was alone
the Dead Boys and Sex Pistols and Ramones


i almost wrote a song in the key of E
i almost wrote a song for Jimmy G
but I was blown away by your expertise
it seems you own more punk records than me

Track Name: Sayonara Drive (January 18, 2015) (with Allyson Seconds)
Sayonara Drive

it got to be a standard thing
a routine that we‘d come to know
so young i barely had a face
i tried so hard to find my place

Sayonara, Sayonara, Sayonara Drive!

we tumbled down those Honda Hills
and beat up on the daffodils
and ran alongside Cripple Creek
forgot to sleep, forgot to eat

we’d stay out past the witching hour
nobody’s parents cared that much
there were no rules in the games we played
and no reason to be afraid

Sayonara, Sayonara, Sayonara Drive!

Track Name: I'm More Than Ready (January 19, 2015)
bring your money
bring yourself
bring what you need but
don’t you bring nobody else
there’s something brewing
they won’t believe
they’ve never seen the shit
that we have up our sleeve

i’ve said it once before
i’m sure i’ll say it once again
i’m more than ready

open the window
let in the air
throw up your hands and wave ‘em
like you just don’t care
we’re planning something
a big surprise
our thunder, lightning’s gonna
open up the skies

Track Name: I Can Draw But I Can't Draw (January 19, 2015)
I did what I could
i tried to get you to love me
i pulled out my heart
and threw it out at the world
i guess it makes sense
that to you i’m just ugly
think i’ll just
make pretty pictures instead

it’s all i wanna do
my part-time job

i can draw but i can’t draw

don’t worry this
ain’t no ploy to convince you
that i am more
than what you want me to be
i’m facing the facts
even if they are ugly
i’ll try stepping back
and give the world less of me


it’s who i wanna be
my lifelong dream
Track Name: Make No Mistake (January 20, 2015) with Allyson Seconds
you’re running circles like you’re crazy
you’re chasing tail like a fiend
can’t tell if you are sad or happy
are you the opposite of mean?

make no mistake
i’m always ready
to keep you safe
and keep you warm at night

you smile so big when you are sleeping
you dream of things i never will
your thoughts are pure
your heart is flowing
so good, it almost seems unreal


oop-oop, oh-oh
Track Name: Please Hold The Heartbeat (January 21, 2015)
this morning has me thinkin
what have i really done
there’s nothing left to break, so go
will today just go away

i said, “good night” so leave
i can’t believe in anything
I like my dog more than you
doomed days, descending down

please hold the heartbeat
oh lordy lord yeah yeah yeah
please hold the heartbeat
the bunny still has eyes

your friends are so stupid
(they) sleep in shade shaped trees
i love you (yeah) you know it’s true
in the interest of time

i’m in a one-way tie for last place
and i want my royalties
i’m filled with devastation in
a bus stuck at the station


the reaver of the river
and i just ate my dinner
stretched out across the states
the places my feet have been

My chiropractor broke me
sitting on my own two feet
dogs track in mud on wet days
and it slays me every time
Track Name: Charlatan (January 22, 2015)
you’re a fraud
you’re pathetic
not a saint
not prophetic

and so many want
what you say that you’ve got
you’re a charlatan
believe every word
ever tale they’ve heard
such a charlatan

never swayed
your opinions
don’t explain
where they come from


you’re a scam
and a phony
and i’m sad
that you know me

Track Name: One Foe I Can't Beat (January 23, 2015)
i shoulda known
that i’d run back into you
it’s been awhile
and i have nothing else to do
you buried all my secret things
and ate away at my remains
oh mold, i never planned for you

you snuck inside
when i least expected it
you covered up the last 2 years of shit
you’re never easy to defeat
you are the one foe i can’t beat
oh mold, what did i do to you?

oh mold, please re-think this thing through
oh mold, please tell me what to do
oh mold, please, i am begging you
Track Name: It's Not Unusual (January 24, 2015) with Allyson Seconds
and it would be best
if it were true
and nothing would change
because of it
i’d wait for some glimpse
some kind of sign
not worry about
my state of mind

don’t fear, it’s not unusual
to be loved by anyone
don’t fret, my little tramp-to-be
cuz we were born to run

and we could go someplace
that’s not here
get right with the people
we stand near
i’ll give it my all
if you do too
i’m not in a hurry
i’ll wait for you

Track Name: Write A Song, Dog (January 25, 2015) with Allyson Seconds
i gotta go write a song, dog
the hour’s getting late
i gotta go write a song, dog
i can’t make the people wait

if it makes you happy
we’ll sit for a few minutes longer
if it warms up your heart
or it helps make you feel even stronger
let’s sit here longer

i gotta go write a song, dog
i got 400 to go
i gotta go write a song, dog
time’s a wastin’, dontcha know

Track Name: Aim Higher - Nothing Is Harmless These Days (January 26, 2015)
we talked about it today
expressed a number of things
admitted being afraid
admitted feeling the sting

we pull up good
we pull up lame
it’s always the same

nothing is harmless these days
there’s nothing perfect to see
yet still it’s worth it to try
and make the best til we die

Track Name: Aim Higher - Don't Blow Another Chance (January 26, 2015)
you dropped the ball again
you were so close this time
your friends have got your back and
they’re rooting for a win
but will you rise above?
will you grab the reins?
the spotlights all on you
we’re watching what you do

but time is running out
you better take this
don’t blow another chance
don’t blow another chance

you feel alone in life
you never take the blame
it’s really nothing new
the pressure’s all on you
you got it if you want it
as good as you can make it
don’t give up on yourself
or blame somebody else


(first verse again)
Track Name: Aim Higher - Cynical Not Negative (January 26, 2015)
you have no room to talk to me
point out my inconsistencies
accuse me of a greater crime
of being angry all the time

i’m cynical not negative
cynical not negative

you see the good in everything
someday you’ll find the golden ring
intelligent folks have a choice
there’s disappointment in your voice

Track Name: Aim Higher - Just My Fate (January 26, 2015)
though it’s not my fault for every ugly thing
i’ll always do my part to make it good
and be a civil person when i can
not burden life for my fellow man

but i refuse to play the game
and swallow what i know is lame
enable ignorance and hate
accept that this is just my fate

i make no promises but so you know
i try appreciating where i go
and giving sentient things a chance to grow
and loving everybody that i know

Track Name: Wishful Part of Mind (January 28, 2015)
i’m not quite sore
could use a little more
you know it’s been awhile
how did we not find the time?

and i know you’re spent
and you’re so hell bent
to me you’re heaven sent
in my wishful part of mind

let’s hold each other up
until we fall again

a pause in time
your little hand in mine
i often dream of it
on those dreary awful nights

a thousand miles away
without you day by day
it seems I fall apart
a price too high to pay

Track Name: Our Past Is (Hating Us)
we gotta rid ourselves of rust
replace the warmth we let slip by
engage the chain we long ignored
accommodate when we get bored

our past is hating us
our past is hating, whoa-oh-oh
bitter and it’s baiting us
bitter and it’s baiting, whoa-oh-oh

there never was a yesteryear
to try and balance far and near
defeat tradition where it stands
administer the master plan


bring out the worst in us
and disinvest in what we trust
and ridicule most everyone
instead of embrace we should shun

Track Name: I Hate The Fact That I Can't Win (January 29, 2015)
you don’t believe it, do you?
are you tired of being right
cuz we all love this life now
i’m exhausted, one more round

the skin is cold to the touch
you’re the rebar in my soul
and then his words went sour
this is a 4 track song from a 1 track mind

i love the beach but (i) can’t swim 
i hate the fact that I can’t win
your kisses made my knees weak
was that you i thought i saw?

(its) better late than never 
let’s go get lucky (now)
(i) like this song in my head
(and) cats love Barry Manilow

GMOs in my pancakes 
she asked me, “ski?”, i said “no”
Roy Cohn died from irony
buckle up, you fools 

the foul stench of (these) dead dreams
give all your life to love 
if i come back a   skeleton
deep dish heart break extra cheese


my socks are gold and heavy
there ain’t no stoppin’ me now
drowning in radio waves
mine is made of light

i wish I would’ve known before this….
…before you went away
please feel free to exercise that right
(and) and take the garbage out

Track Name: Birthday Money (February 1, 2015)
that’s a lot for me to chew on
got me so i cannot speak
is this your way to keep me quiet?
have i become your circus freak?

stash away your birthday money
and spend it when you need
vagabond and open funny
go but watch your speed
and spend it when you need

never take me out in public
hide me from the human race
i do just fine once i am settled
just put a mask across my face

Track Name: Oh Darlin' (February 2, 2105)
you kinda threw me that time you said
you needed something i had
it wasn’t what i was ready for
it kinda made me feel bad

oh darling, i hope you don’t regret
those awful things that you done
and please beware of those bad dreams at night

so many times, it really blows my mind
and i lost count in my head
we got along, oh Micky you’re so fine
but now we’re just spanning time

Track Name: It's Become A Habit (February 2, 2015)
as a kid i was drawn to the places that seemed
so forbidden and dark, if you know what i mean
both my parents thought i’d
come apart at the seams
at an early age

but Cotati was nowhere
and Lincoln was too
so they picked Sacramento
cuz Sacto was new
there was so very little
for a little kid to do
but i managed

it’s hard to remember the dream
or this weird tale of mine
was it what really happened
or was it made up in my mind

and my dad was a cop but he never had fun
and he married a woman who helped keep him young
they had 3 kids - my brother and sister and me
who needed more?

and i don’t quite remember who made things bad first
but i stood on the frontline when things turned to worse
and i wasted these hours trying to find the perfect verse
it’s become a habit

Track Name: Young, Dumb Targets
oh christ you shoulda seen us
in the eighties, it was bad
as we still try make believing
it was the best time that we had
fucking in the grossest places
fighting when we had no chance
called that racket we made, music
and the violence we did, dance

you and me
we were just young, dumb targets
and free like all zoo animals are free
then bought and sold
out in an open market
our rebellion had a price tag on the sleeve

oh man, do you remember
driving all night to L.A.
3rd band on a bill of 7
we were stoked to get to play
opening for Wasted Youth
and just before the Youth Brigade
i know that someone bought us dinner
and i think we mighta gotten paid


i fell in love a hundred times
before the age of 25
wrote a hundred songs about the man
got 12 of them to rhyme
lived in vans and girlfriend’s basements
and just tried to stay alive
all while staying out of jail
and still kissing my Mom goodbye


before we became spouses
we crashed Dag and Dischord houses
Oki Dogs with cats and mouses
talked all night at Martin Sprouse’s
to the soundtrack of our lives

Track Name: You're My Only But Not My Favorite (February 4, 2015)
My heart became a cold wave crashing
Your dreams (they) scream reality...
not a care in the world or a thought in my head
(i’m just) An old man with no sea

Focus it here, focus it now
Today I know the best is yet to come.
Lost or found what does it all mean.
when the same ol’ song is sung

You're my only, but not my favorite
I still hate your empty space
so) close the blinds, the sun's too bright
it’s burning up my face
and we’re) Hinging on the outcome
Nose powder dulls shiny soul..
If I remember to forget
Tomorrow is a brand new day

There is too much future to worry
….about in all that past.
I woke up just to write you this
(please) shelve yourselves right now

If I got paid for losing.
(i’d) Scratch the itch before it grows
Angels wings and broken promises
I'm running out of thoughts


Duplo Blocks are my thing today
(i’m) sure the thought will calm yr nerves
It's gone gone gone into the black hole abyss.
Wrapped in your warmth, I'm cold.

I cannot relate with all this hate
(but) I will not be denied.
Prize possession bone collection
Let me know (the) next time it feels true...


Welcome to my life , and all of its faults.
ever question your own beliefs?
(i’m) Often off in the morning
I will stab you with my love.

Vegan tacos make life swell
putting pen to paper to mic.
When did you become a patron?
She always wore long sleeves
frigid temperatures curl leaves

Track Name: One Unlucky One (February 5, 2015)
another drop in the bucket
this time it came from a friend
no one you’d put to a face
or find a need to defend
it felt so forced in a way
the corners tattered and torn
the meaning bitter and frayed
another drama was born

another night where i am not the
one unlucky one
just hide away your bad thoughts
when you’re reaching for your gun

this city smells like it did
when i moved back long ago
could be the Callery pears
but then how would i know?
stopped by to see what was shaking
maybe offer a plan
maybe try re-explaining
in a passenger van


(harp solo)

Track Name: Secrets Into Holes (February 8, 2015)
done for today
seems only right
think it went well
call it a night
went on too long
feel overdrawn
i need a break
some give and take


is that how you roll
when no one’s looking?
like a rat free
when nobody’s home

is that what you meant
when you confided?
like a gangster telling
secrets into holes

you sense the spin
don’t trust a soul
no way to win
no self-control
spent every cent
nothing to show
you can’t repent
no place to go

Track Name: Aim Higher - Let's Get It Out In The Open (February 9, 2015)
we’ve got a fucking problem
this time it’s serious
i’ve put it off for oh so long
and now we’ve come to this

there’s something that i have to tell you
something you should know
let’s get it out in the open

it’s something that’s been building up
got something on my chest
let’s get it out in the open

you need to take a minute
to hear what i must say
don’t want to wait much longer
let’s talk about it today

Track Name: Steady As She Goes (February 10, 2015) with Allyson Seconds
leave the complications
to the seasoned
don’t you worry
there’s plenty more to do
it’s not an indication you’re not trusted
don’t get discouraged
it don’t reflect on you

of course
you’ll have to change up all your habits
and reinforce the funny things you do
you see an in
by God you better grab it
and hold it tight
and try and follow through

i bet you had a rough time as a child
just a theory
but only you would know
and now you’re trying hard to keep it simple
don’t get discouraged
steady as she goes

Track Name: You Better Pause (February 11, 2015)
talking shit on pop stars should be outlawed
talking smack on them should get you banned
if you can’t recognize their genius nature
you are not fit to call yourself a man

now they should be rewarded for their brilliance
their genius means we should ignore their flaws
cuz it’s our duty, our sense of obligation
next time you come at them, you better pause

making fun of pop stars makes you racist
a misogynistic, homophobic bum
they have good reasons for their bad behavior
and treating other pop stars like they’re scum


i’ve learned a lot since witnessing the Grammys
our pop stars have a right to have their fun
they get a pass when being disrespectful
they’ve earned the right, just go ask anyone

Track Name: Fat Ghosts (February 13, 2015)
Insane ramblings at the river
they reached me where i lay
and day-tested my mettle
and made my hair turn gray

they pushed me beyond measures
just trying to break my mind
and all the while collected
some things for me to sign

oh, oh, oh

the sky was blanket itchy
but there was no hints of rain
while i was blowing over
i watched an Amtrak train

fat ghosts are late for dinner
but drive at 35
on surface streets where young ghosts eat
and work hard to survive

oh oh oh
Track Name: Broken Fighter's Heart (February 15, 2015) with Allyson Seconds
here out in space
i wanted to slap your face but
i already knew that
you would tell the world on me
but i’m not a thug
i don’t wanna fight with anyone
i’m only a lover
with a broken fighter’s heart

why bang a gong, let’s get it on
get back to where we both belong (2x)

a difficult day
should never have gotten out of bed
all the trouble you started
and all of the awful things you said
a story with 2 sides
but i feel a need to speak mine first
and justify all my feelings
how could it get any worse?

Track Name: Go National - Tin Cup On The String (February 15, 2015) with Allyson Seconds
I heard you’re back
but not for long
this time it might be your last song
the question is
where are you going?
but never mind the icy stares
old friends acting like they don’t care
beneath the ground
that you are walking

you’ve done enough
you put the work in
you owe nobody anything
you helped to shine up
duller moments
you put the tin cup on the string

It can’t be better than before
it’s more a bellow than a roar
it’s more a hangout than a happening
don’t waste a second on these things
don’t give a dirty bird new wings
don’t leave the scene you covet, battling

Track Name: Walking Papers (February 16, 2015)
I threw away my hovel
to try and build a mansion
i started with a shovel
you questioned my intention
detest unruly crowds
even those who i’m fond of
it’s good i am kinda loud
i’d never get attention

too much division
too many decisions in my head
these people are decent
but i’d rather be flying solo
i get kinda lonely
but i’d rather be flying solo

i’m going to try it again
maybe making a pattern will do it
form habits to understand
if it blows up than i can say “fuck it”
i threw away a perfect home
gave those closest to me walking papers
staked out my future alone
i hope i don’t regret it later

Track Name: The Bad & The Wrong (February 17, 2015)
who has this figured out?
who claims to know?
can’t peg your whereabouts
why did you go?
nothing will be the same
no reason why
don’t wanna know your name
not gonna lie

no doubt, i’m stuck
i wanna say maybe
i’m torn between the bad and the wrong

thought that i had everything
or pretty close
heart filled to ease the pain
way more than most
things change eventually
they always will
can’t make it last too long
a bitter pill

Track Name: Let Us Ramble Ever On (February 18, 2015)
first it all seemed normal
like a shine on chain
no flags were raised to signal
no reason to engage
we grabbed it where we found it
and made sure it stayed safe
and planned a night around it
a system, just in case

and the sun was gone
cuz we waited too long
may the darkness keep us strong
and let us ramble ever on

spend some time collecting
things i could take home
smaller things were better
i threw aside the bones
we never had a leader
it would have missed the point
our independence sweeter
no one to disappoint

Track Name: You're Always Blowing Me Away (February 20, 2015)
look at you full of doubt and worry
you stayed awake now everything is blurry
unnecessary cuz i know you’ll do just fine
you’re the blade when i need to cut through
you’re the one that i most look up to
i don’t know why you’re sweating it this time

you’re always blowing me away
you’re always blowing me away

always see difficult things clearly
beautify everything that’s dreary
make me smile when i’m down most every time
you’re the sugar in my cup of coffee
you’re the better ending to the story
no better reason for a man to walk the line

Track Name: Example One (February 21, 2015)
i don’t mind saying
it’s clear to me
you’re full of hatred
and i can’t stand your company
don’t like your neighbors
don’t like yourself
no time for empathy
for anybody else

example one
of how it shouldn’t be
the story told
so crystal clear to me
example one
of how you got it wrong
wait patiently
until your time is gone

as i grow older
i have no time
for petty beefs with people
who can’t cross the lines
i see the difference
it never bothered me
won’t try to comprehend
the visuals you see

Track Name: Sunday Didn't Come By Accident (February 23, 2015)
Sunday didn’t come by some mistake
someone sent it here for us to break

you’re out there on a limb
like a prima donna
so you don’t get to live
any way you wanna

Sunday didn’t come by accident
this is what i know, i’m confident

Track Name: Our Little Work Of Art (February 23, 2015)
of all the lies
to tell a friend
this one is bad
so where do i begin
i never played you for the fool
i did my best
to not be fake or cruel

why did it takes so long?
these many years
through all the misery
and all the tears
through all the happy times
and getting by
i wanna cry
and i don’t know why

you’ll always be
inside my heart
been there so long
it’s become our little work of art
but i can’t do this anymore
this time it’s bad
this time it’s over


(piano break)

Track Name: When This All Slows Down (February 24, 2015)
it’s getting near the time
i put some movement on my back
alright, here goes
i’m trying to lead this simple life
and be true to my heart and to my soul
it’s hard to leave my family
it really takes it’s toll on them and i
at times it’s hardly worth it
but i’ll probably keep on moving til i die

and i’ll eat better in the future
when this all slows down
get sleep, take time to smell the flowers
when this all slows down

been down this road before
i hope i drive a thousand more
before it ends
same places, different faces
nothing ever really changes
it depends
i know it may seem crazy
and to some a little lazy
i suppose
how does this finally end up
can i find a fortune teller who might know

Track Name: The State Of Things (February 25, 2015)
you found a way to make it happen
guess the rest of us will soon be following
you're shaking up the whole foundation
tearing down the walls that kept the people in
and you are being who you wanna be
and doing what i'd like to do but can't
i give you props for stepping into it
not worrying about just who you might offend

cuz i can see the state of things
and all the trouble, everything is closing in
and everybody's got a problem
with the system as it stands
when will it end

well, in this troubled state of mind
with all the bigger ties that bind, you're bringing it
it doesn't matter that you came from barely anything at all
you never quit
a big voice for the people
many hope you'll maybe run for president
but you're too smart for politics
you can make a bigger dent by doing this

Track Name: I Still Love Minor Threat (February 26, 2015)
i guess you could say i was a little lucky
growing up hardcore
in the time that i did
the bands that i saw
and the many i played with
make me so glad
i was around back then

and i..oh i, still love Minor Threat (2x)

no band as great
and no band ever since then
who made the impact that Minor Threat made
the message, the songs
just the whole fucking package
yeah, they’re still my favorite
after all of these years

Track Name: 3 Nights In A Row (February 27, 2015)
it seems so cold
goes to show
no one knows what they’re saying
i’m just as bad
when it comes to
making statements
not rooted in fact
don’t give away
what you’re needing
throw aside everything that you love
you might regret it
or forget it
that one thing you keep running out of

something inside
keeps your heart energized
something you can’t truly know
you say you might hide
when the planets collide
when it happens 3 nights in a row
if it happens then where will you go?

it’s never dull
where you’re living
it’s a regular thing
that gets done
neighbors and friends
brothers, sisters
and you’re sure you’re related to them
i’ll be your man
if you need one
be your man
if you need one to go
down for the cause
and the movement
and the statement
and the show

Track Name: Aim Higher - Made A Gem (March 1, 2015)
man, they forced you to play such a bad hand
went against everything you believe
took you down with you kicking and screaming
you were set up for failure, deceived
compromised from the second they threatened
everything in your life you hold dear
forced to make complicated decisions
from the warnings they made very clear

on this darkest day
it occurred to you
that you have some enemies
in the darkest way
it came down on you
by the hands of enemies

some would give up and never speak freely
some would lay down and die out of shame
but you’re stronger than everyday people
you can come out of this feeling sane
hope you turned this into something better
made a gem out of garbage you mined
keep your head up and never stop thinking
never slow down and get left behind
Track Name: Aim Higher - This Will All Stop Tomorrow (March 1, 2015)
i woke up feeling great today
i had so little on my mind
awhile since i’ve felt this way
the world is treating me so kind

Hey! Ho! Hey! Ho!

on days like this i wanna sing
or make something that i can share
or do something for someone else
no feeling that i can compare

Hey! Ho! Hey! Ho!

I hope this feeling never ends
Track Name: Aim Higher - This Will All Stop Being Funny (March 1, 2015)
hey, here we go, that time again
where you go calling out your friends
the drama over little things
just like in high school way back when
like clockwork, so predictable
i’d think you’d be so sick of it
a waste of time, a waste of life
causing problems, starting shit

but one day
this will all stop being funny
one day
this will be irrelevant
one day
this will all stop being funny
one day
you won’t feel such discontent

i don’t understand your argument
or see what you get out of it
incapable of turning cheek
you think that would show that you’re weak
you value little, have no faith
now look at all those bridges burned
i’m wasting time just saying this
it’s futile cuz you’ll never learn

Track Name: Aim Higher - Mouth Of A Stranger (March 1, 2015)
I had a dream and you were in it
we were stuck in the city
trying to find satisfaction
a couple of fools asking for directions
and everyone in the city
talked real slow with an accent
someone warned us of danger
it was great advice
from the mouth of a stranger

no need for us to worry
this all happened in my bed
no need for us to hurry
this all happened in my head

so then we walked to the subway
with nothing much in our pockets
musicians played for a small crowd
i got an evil stare from the violinist
it felt like hours but it wasn’t
a train appeared but it was broken
it didn’t matter that is was
cuz i could not afford a subway token

Track Name: Aim Higher - All That Doubt (March 1, 2015)
time out
let this plan take hold
let it breathe
and formulate
reserve it
so it won’t go cold
who can say?
it could be great

all you really want is credit
you deserve it and you want it
all you really want is credit
you deserve it and you’ll get it

you don’t look so good
all that doubt
is aging you
bound by
what you can’t control
all that rage
consuming you


Track Name: A Surprise, A Surprise, A Surprise (March 3, 2015)
a package sits in the gutter
but you won’t catch me opening it
seems a waste to even bother
i’m not too big on risk, i’ll admit

i don’t like knowing nothing
a surprise, a surprise, a surprise
the unknown things that have no reason
a surprise, a surprise, a surprise

and so i let it lay in water
there to find by some unknowing clown
i have no in-ter-est in danger
let it soak up and bloat, let it drown

Track Name: You're So Brave (March 4, 2015)
i see you got your medals
you’re decorated, yeah
and everyone is talking
how you’ve become the man
you saved yourself from heartache
escaped your private hell
your life makes quite a story
and now you’re here to tell

you’re so brave
i want to give up
you’re so brave
you make me tear up
you’re so brave
i wanna be your friend

you’re such an inspiration
how did you make it out alive?
you clawed out of the trenches
and now look at you thrive
you never asked for nothing
you gave all that you had
you’re nothing but a hero
i wish that you could be my dad

(guitar break)
Track Name: Pebbles To Pearls (March 10, 2015)
crystal clear
you were speaking
but nobody really cared
in a place
no one ever visits
no one ever dares
tried so hard
put so much
into the image that you made
broken heart
cuz you know
no one is buying your crusade

i’m not surprised you’re so resentful
i only wish you’d be more careful
not let these things get so personal
and find a way to be more respectful

decision time
maybe change up
how you’ve come to view the world
lighten up
find a better way
to turn pebbles to pearls
grab your friends
keep ‘em close
and don’t let you them
ever stray
too far away
if you don’t you’ll find
you’ll have a better day

Track Name: Our Best Twirl (March 10, 2015)
we were silly, woman
we were silly, girl
we were silly, baby
we gave it our best twirl

it started out so sweetly
without much incident
you couldn’t separate us
it felt so heaven sent
but angels, we were never
and heroes, we were not
devoted to each other
a love we both forgot


too young to know much better
we thought we knew it all
with trouble always present
assured us we would fall
i’d say it all was worth it
cuz i learned a lot from you
it showed me what to avoid
and what never to do

Track Name: Wish I Could Love Everybody (March 11, 2015) with Allyson Seconds
well i wish i was able
i wish i was strong
to get past the petty
and go well beyond
wish my heart was much bigger
and it never did wrong
and i wish i could love everybody

yeah i wish i could love everybody
not just ones who work hard to be good

yeah i wish i could love everybody
i’d be happy if i only could

and i want like the dickens
to be able to grow
fill my heart full of joy
and let everyone know
but i sit with my flaws
merely human and frail
and i wish could love everybody

Track Name: Aim Higher - No Chorus (March 12, 2015)
so long ago
i was much younger then
i thought i knew all there was
to comprehend
but none of us know
in our twenty-somethings
how does the world work
and the trouble it brings
pretended to know
made a statement or two
i wanted to help
hey, what else could i do?
i made my mistakes
got a ration of shit
i took criticism
and took lots of hits

they always say
action speaks louder than words
or so i imagined
or i overheard
i have no doubt
this is the best way to go
i follow the logic
it helps me to know
i know that this message
is simple and old
it’s not very unique
and not very bold
but i would feel bad
if i failed to state
i hope you agree
and i hope you relate
Track Name: Aim Higher - Big Drain On Me (March 12, 2015)
had to move
it got heavy on me
weighed it out
and the pressure was on
i’m ok
it was brewing awhile
went as far
as i possibly could

how did it become
such a big drain on me?
depleted my energy

tell me that
i had done something wrong
give me proof
that i got in the way
evidence i was trouble to you
all the bad things that i did to you

Track Name: Aim Higher - We Can Troll (March 12, 2015)
Overall, i’d say it went well
it came with holes
but it wasn’t leaking
we found a way
we could make things happen
made a move
in somebody’s kitchen

we can troll the nation
come on, i’ll show you how
we can troll the planet
let’s troll the planet now

reach for me only if it’s pressing
let me know if you need a favor
we can hide in a cool dark corner
we can troll everyone together

Track Name: Aim Higher - Warm & Fed (March 12, 2015)
broken so long ago
no benefit to show
graffitti city in my mind
i wasn’t left for dead
they kept me warm and fed
made sure i wasn’t left behind

i will not refrain

all but forgot my name
i’ll never be the same
info is written on my hand
don’t sweat it for too long
blink twice it will be gone
sometimes i just don’t understand

Track Name: These Bars Make Me Feel Lonely (March 18, 2015)
maybe if i liked the people here
or drank with them for hours at a time
or liked the music playing over head
or felt more joy instead of all this dread

these bars make me feel lonely
i shouldn’t watch the patrons here
these bars make me feel lonely
it’s like the whole world doesn’t care
no it doesn’t care

the TVs blare, but there is nothing on
a few guys watch but aren’t that into it
nobody seems to know which team has won
nobody gives a fuck about a song

Track Name: Patterson, California (March 18, 2015)
I broke down
well, my car died
i pulled over 
to nap in the sun
left my lights on
from the night drive
stood outside
i didn’t know anyone

oh my god
this is Patterson, California
i’ve stopped here
on my way to somewhere else
oh my lord
stuck in Patterson, California
it ain’t bad
but i’d rather be at home

drove all night
felt exhausted
had a gig in L.A.
it went well
hopped on the 5
stopped for resting
Starbucks stuck
it’s a little like hell
Track Name: Let's Go, Sacramento! (March 19, 2015)
let’s go, Sacramento!
let’s go, Sacramento!
let’s go, Sacramento!
our Republic FC’s on the go!
let’s go, Sacramento!
let’s go, Sacramento!
let’s go, Sacramento!
our Republic FC’s on the go!

the odds were stacked against us at the start
they said our club might never get a win
with and sweat and effort, lots of hearts
in one years time, our boys are champions


this city stands amongst the very best
we stand together strong and united
our football team is miles above the rest
we’re battle born, we sweat ol’ glory red


here us, we’re Sac Republic
louder than heavy metal
we’re Tower Bridge Battalion
now that we’ve got that settled

Track Name: Is It Lonely Being Wrong? (March 20, 2015)
let’s just agree
to fucking disagree
that’s all you ever say
what is that, anyway?

you hate the truth
you want to hide
no bother reasoning
it’s all so troubling

i see your point
so hard to do
can’t stick to honesty
it ends up being comedy

i recognize
and sympathize
you have no evidence
can’t argue with intelligence

but tell me how you get through
who is it that you turn to?
is it lonely being wrong?
is it lonely being wrong?
Track Name: This Is Dumb (March 22, 2015)
hey, I wrote this song
to try and make myself feel less alone
and it’s harder than
any other song that i have ever none
but i won’t give in
to feelings i might be inferior
cuz i know that’s wrong
i tell myself i’m far superior

this is dumb….

yeah i wrote this song
to try and make you think my thoughts are deep
if it all feels wrong
you can use this one to put yourself to sleep
i won’t get upset
my skin is thick and i’m no chickenshit
like a favorite pet
you can love me til i’m easy to forget

Track Name: Our Working Class Upbringing (March 23, 2015) with Allyson Seconds
The wind was blasting out our latest song
reflecting all the holes we tried to fill
made birds fly super low and cluster tight
it blasted and went well into the night

our working class upbringing
makes us cynical
it makes us typical
it makes us terrible
our working class upbringing
makes us winnable
when does it end?

we ventured down the highway, for the sea
impaired by road construction every turn
i tried to have a meltdown, once or twice
you said you wouldn’t let me crash and burn



Track Name: Aim Higher - Everybody's Legendary (March 24, 2015)
I heard you turned 54 today
how are you feeling?
is your heart ok?
who are your favorite bands?
and what do they mean to you?
do you remember
way back in the day?
the scene was great
and there were no cliches
we loved each other
and we had each other’s backs?

you and me are legendary
he and she are legendary
brothers, sisters, legendary
everybody’s legendary
2 year olds are legendary
bands from Spain are legendary
Tom and Dick and even Harry
everybody’s legendary

now please be honest, are you straight edge still?
are you not drinking, smoking, taking pills?
do you wish things could could be the way they used to be?
do you have a funny story you can share?
are you claiming positive? do you still care?
are you more right wing now that you’re safely middled-aged?

Track Name: Aim Higher - Stop On A Dime (March 24, 2015)
too many windows
let the ugly in
i’m pretty patient
as i’ve always been
i wouldn’t say
that i am paranoid
i’m not afraid
of much of anything

let’s skip the part
where everything unravels
let’s skip the part
where it all falls apart

so many friends
so many lost through time
bonds broken easily
stop on a dime
is it important?
what does it all mean?
grasping for good
that we find in between

Track Name: Your Birthday's Today (March 25, 2015)
i read about it
i heard the news
your birthday’s today
your birthday’s today

the whole gang’s cheering
be damned the blues
your birthday’s today
your birthday’s today

why don’t you tell me
what you’re wanting
now’s not the time to be shy
why don’t you tell me
what you’re needing
give you what
all the money can’t buy

you seem excited
you wanna sing
your birthday’s today
your birthday’s today

it’s time to party
you wanna swing
your birthday’s today
your birthday’s today