400 Songs, Vol. 4

by Kevin Seconds

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released April 30, 2016

(c)2016 Kevin Seconds



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Young, Dumb Targets
oh christ you shoulda seen us
in the eighties, it was bad
as we still try make believing
it was the best time that we had
fucking in the grossest places
fighting when we had no chance
called that racket we made, music
and the violence we did, dance

you and me
we were just young, dumb targets
and free like all zoo animals are free
then bought and sold
out in an open market
our rebellion had a price tag on the sleeve

oh man, do you remember
driving all night to L.A.
3rd band on a bill of 7
we were stoked to get to play
opening for Wasted Youth
and just before the Youth Brigade
i know that someone bought us dinner
and i think we mighta gotten paid


i fell in love a hundred times
before the age of 25
wrote a hundred songs about the man
got 12 of them to rhyme
lived in vans and girlfriend’s basements
and just tried to stay alive
all while staying out of jail
and still kissing my Mom goodbye

Track Name: One Unlucky One
another drop in the bucket
this time it came from a friend
no one you’d put to a face
or find a need to defend
it felt so forced in a way
the corners tattered and torn
the meaning bitter and frayed
another drama was born

another night where i am not the
one unlucky one
just hide away your bad thoughts
when you’re reaching for your gun

this city smells like it did
when i moved back long ago
could be the Callery (cal-err-ee) pears
but then how would i know?
stopped by to see what was shaking
maybe offer a plan
maybe try re-explaining
in a passenger van


(harp solo)

Track Name: Secrets Into Holes
done for today
seems only right
think it went well
call it a night
went on too long
feel overdrawn
i need a break
some give and take


is that how you roll
when no one’s looking?
like a rat free
when nobody’s home

is that what you meant
when you confided?
like a gangster telling
secrets into holes

you sense the spin
don’t trust a soul
no way to win
no self-control
spent every cent
nothing to show
you can’t repent
no place to go

Track Name: Aim Higher - Let's Get It Out In The Open
we’ve got a fucking problem
this time it’s serious
i’ve put it off for oh so long
and now we’ve come to this

there’s something that i have to tell you
something you should know
let’s get it out in the open

it’s something that’s been building up
got something on my chest
let’s get it out in the open

you need to take a minute
to hear what i must say
don’t want to wait much longer
let’s talk about it today

Track Name: Steady As She Goes
leave the complications
to the seasoned
don’t you worry
there’s plenty more to do
it’s not an indication you’re not trusted
don’t get discouraged
it don’t reflect on you

of course
you’ll have to change up all your habits
and reinforce the funny things you do
you see an in
by God you better grab it
and hold it tight
and try and follow through

i bet you had a rough time as a child
just a theory
but only you would know
and now you’re trying hard to keep it simple
don’t get discouraged
steady as she goes