Fuck You, 2016

by Kevin Seconds



2016, you’re a fucker
i’m glad you’re finally going down
i’m happy you won’t do more damage
we won’t have you to kick around
2016, you were awful
a couple of bright spots, otherwise,
you did the world no real big favors
it’s time for you to say goodbye

i wanna laugh
and fuck around
showcase the good
and not the down
it’s not your fault
well, yeah it is
come save us all,
two thousand seventeen

2016, take a long walk
right off the oldest, shortest pier
i can’t forget, i can’t forgive you
you are no longer wanted here
2016, you were trouble
you took my heart right out of me
and left us with more indecision
more doubt and way more misery



released December 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Kevin Seconds Sacramento


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